Flora Skate Park in Dubuque is now open(July 15, 2019 at noon).
This $850,000 park is open daily. Please read and adhere to the park rules posted at the park entrance.
This dual use skate park is an all-wheeled park. Designed by Pillar Designs and built by Artisian both skater led companies. We are excited to open the park on July 15, 2019 at noon. Park hours are 7am-10pm daily. There is security lighting and handicap accessibility.

Thank you to all of our Contributors:

      • City of Dubuque
      • Grant Wood Loop/Parks to People
      • Wellmark Foundation
      • ITC Midwest
      • Theisen Home Farm & Auto
      • McGraw-Hill Education
      • Woodward Communications Foundation
      • Mike & Barb Heitz/Reality Check
      • Dubuque Noon Optimists
      • Dupaco Community Credit Union
      • Midwest Storm Company
      • Jean Schultz
      • Jake Roth
      • Dubuque Morning Optimists
      • New Eagle Insurance
  • Dubuque Paint Equipment Services
  • Allen Harves
  • Robert & Laura Bies
  • Dubuque Stamping and Manufacturing
  • Al Hartung
  • Austin Healey
  • Rebekah Matthews
  • Digital Dubuque
  • DuTrac Community Credit Union
  • Charles & Mariann Weber
  • Bob Johnson
  • I Hate Heroin


Dubuque’s New Outdoor Skate Park

The location is Flora Park in an area near the west end of the park. Park will be available to all ages, free of charge for outdoor recreation and exercise. Skating increases motor skills and creates camraderie between various age groups as experienced skaters help the novices.

“Having a facility like this is just going to be so much better for the younger kids that are getting into (action sports) now. They’re going to have a world-class facility in their own town and the potential for progression is going to be crazy.”

“Kids are going to be coming here (to Dubuque) now. This is going to be the regional skatepark. This is going to be the best park around. Not only because it’s brand new, but because we’ve done our homework, we’ve put in the leg work for this, we’ve been coming to meetings for years. There have been people invested in this project for so long now that they’ve done the steps that need to be taken to make sure that this is going to be a world-class park.”

“It’s going to foster a great sense of community and be a place that kids can get their physical activity in a place that they can stay out of trouble, a place that parents know that “Hey, my kid is part of this awesome community and is going to be safe and doing something they love.” 
Adam Riegler